5 Spaces to Declutter During Spring Cleaning

“While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling countertop, and possibly more open spaces, more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, and heightened creativity.” -Psychology Today

Below I give you 5 spaces and the type of items you can declutter or pack away within those spaces. I highly recommend doing one space at a time; perhaps every other day, or 1 once a week. When you break down the BIG PICTURE of having your entire home “spotless” or “organized”, you want to do it little by little. This will ensure a successful spring cleaning project, and you will not become too overwhelmed and give up mid-declutter. So take one space and just start!


      1. CLOSET – Switch out clothing from fall/winter to spring/summer. This is always my favorite because it’s sort of like shopping again. Pulling out clothes you haven’t seen in a while may seem like they are brand new and will spike your interest, possibly helping you move along on this task. However, those clothes that are raggedy and possibly have some holes – it’s time to let go! You can look into ways you can recycle clothing, donate, or consign.

      1. BEDROOM – Pack away flannel sheets, thick blankets, and humidifiers. I recommend laundering your bedding before storing away for the season. Good spots for these can be under the bed, in a linen closet, attic, or in storage space. Also, if you have a humidifier – make sure it is clean and completely dry to prevent mold from growing – and store it with fall/winter items. I typically change out humidifiers with room fans at this time.

      1. BATHROOM – Review Makeup and Skin Care routine. Fall and winter months require a different regime as well as colors. Sift through your items and get rid of anything that could be expired, dried up, or just not working for you. Say goodbye to the foundation that is too light or too dark. Also, place those thicker creams and exfoliators in your back stock area in the bathroom – while we may still utilize these, it won’t be as often. Replace with sunscreen!

      1. KITCHEN – Clean out the Pantry – let’s go through and see what candy we have yet to eat since Halloween. What perishable foods did we get as gifts from the winter holiday that we will never eat? As we go through the pantry, check expiration dates as well as pull things out, we know we will NEVER eat and set them aside. Shelters and organizations, such as Salvation Army, will gladly take those food items that may not interest you.

      1. GARAGE – This may be a weekend project for the whole family – at least, that’s what I do. Garages can be a dumping ground for everyone – we often place things in there that we will go to later. Well, now is the time to address it and deal with it. Warmer months are always great for garage sales – after you declutter, do a nice sweep through, create a store-like space, and make money off the items you no longer use.

    I hope this gives you some insight into what items you should review during a season change. Not all houses and lifestyles are the same, but if we stick to the basics, it will give you a good jump start into letting go and opening up space in your home.

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